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Enjoyed this from the husband's point of view with just the right touch of humor. Excellent writing on topic.
I really enjoyed and appreciated some of your lines. "Seeing she expected a response, I came up with the cleverest one I could think of, 'Why?'"
and "I knew my stay of execution wouldnt last. Id have to face the firing squad when todays sermon was over." You've done a great job of showing what many of our "dilemmas" boil down to. The actions of the husband were so typical and cute in they way you wrote this. Great work!
lol, the title hints at this being from the wife's POV, but I liked the change of it being the husband instead. The clever lines hint at his creativity. Nice job. ^_^
Excellent job with the dialogue and with characteriazation. A light touch, but a serious lesson--very good.
Very good story to put across the point of "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face." I chose to comment on this particular story because of the title. My oldest sister's name was Clara (she was killed in a car accident several years ago). But back to your story, I liked the way you told it, without letting us know where it was going, until the end. I am glad that Clara made the right decision, and that her husband chose to let her come to it on her own....Very good writing....Helen
What a jewel of a husband. I had to wonder if Clara appreciated him, but since as your story illustrates her actions bespoke a repentant heart I will assume deep down she did. Good clear message and right on topic. Nice writing.