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Your story is good. I really appreciated your touch of humor comment, "What's the king's sash doing in here with angel wings?" in the middle of a tense situation. I was cheering for Gracie during her speech to Carla. I like your whole clock/unplugging analogy too. In the end it's so cool that Carla "got it". Nice work on this creative piece.
This was a delight with excellent advise and just the right touch of humor.
I like Gracie! She's just too funny and I love the little rant she had all prepared, the lines with counting to ten and then twenty, that was hilarious. I loved how you tied in the title with the ending. Nice job. I really enjoyed it. I think it's one of my favorites this week. ^_^
Great characterization, dialog, and inner monologue, and a wonderful message. Very well done.
Very, very good--not at all preachy, just the right touch, and the lesson's there for all the see. Gently witty, with just the right amount of bite.
I love this conversation between the two friends! Only a true friend could get by with this! I felt like an eavesdropper! Now I'll be ready with an answer if I ever am encountered with this conversation. Thank you!
WOW what a great speech her friend gave her! Excellent job done here. Loved the dialogue between the friends. The prayers of Gracie. "Oh, now that was real inspired, Gracie. See, Lord, I told ya' that I wasn't the one for this job. Now what?" Ah, but that is exactly what the Lord gave her to say.
Good job Peej!
LOVE it! Sometimes the Lord does give us power in our truth, doesn't He? Many people will be ministered to and hopefully convicted by this well-written piece.
Excellent. I loved all the internal monologue (where's Pamela, focus Gracie). Engaging story. I also liked all the 'stage business' with the costumes. That lightened the tone, but didn't detract from the message.
I love your writing style. The conversation between the women, and the internal dialog worked so well together. I really enjoyed this story. Well done.
This was an engaging read, both characters felt real to me. Great job.
Very natural conversation and realistic characters make this story excellent. It's casual and not preachy so the message comes across with humor and grace.
I love the internal conversation, and the true friendship that didn't allow her to remain silent. Great writing!
Humourous, with realistic characters. An enjoyable story.
This flowed very naturally. Well written.
I really liked the way you had the MC at a loss for words for so much of the article, rather than magically knowing what to say straight off. So often we find ourselves out of league, struggling, yet in the end, God can still use us. Well done.
This is one of my favorites this week. The dialogue is outstanding, and Gracie's speech is a "keeper." I hope you do a lot more "Gracie" stories. She's an MC we can identify with.
The friendship between these two is evident and so is that God can instill the words when we call on Him. This is simply a wonderfully written piece.
Wow.. very insightful. Exactly what I wish people (esp teens) could understand when they think they have found the LOVE of their life and need to be married (have sex) asap no matter who disagrees and who it hurts. Good for them.. one for saying the truth, the other for seeing it!
The dialogue in this one was superb. It was a great mix of conversation and inner thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing this.
I really liked the dialogue that was going on inside her head. It was very true how we wrestle sometimes with saying what is really on our minds.