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It is difficult to think what one would do in such perilous circumstances. Makes us put things in our lives now into a new perspective. Great work on this entry.
Very creative work on this beginning with your title to your use of the letters to the seven churches. Your ending is haunting. Thanks for bringing this bit of early church history to life for us. Very nice work!
Wonderful story. It kept me riveted throughout. Great job.
This is different. Very creative and I liked the names and the dialouge in this piece. It's very real. ^_^
Excellent characterization and research and everything else. Your ending is stunning. Excellent writing.
Riveting--I'd love to see this on the silver screen.
THis was very action packed and kept my attention all the way through. Keep writing.
I have ears. I heard a great message in this story.
Beautifully written Laury. I love stories of the early church and you have done a great job here. How sad that the mother would be willing to renounce Christ.
Wonderful job bringing characters to life. I was completely engrossed.
Wow, this was quite an adventure to take with you. Excellent, creative piece.
This line made me reread several times to see what I missed.. When I got it I got goosebumps! WOW. "In the air, there was an aroma of baking bread, not the putrid smell of burning flesh."

And the last line was so simple yet said so much! Heartbreaking! Lydia did not.

Excellent job!
(How could I forget this one?!?!! I loved it!!!) The ending is so haunting--great job on this!
Wow, this was excellent. I was captivated by each word and was wondering what was going to become of Anna and Matko and wanted to see if he would marry her and take her along!
Beautiful characterizations brought this story to life. It's sad what the early Christians had to endure and the way they suffered for their faith. Makes me grateful for their perseverance and strength.
I feel a placer here, GREAT JOB. Perfect title as well.
Wow Laury. You held my attention till the very end. I really enjoyed how you intertwined early church history with a beautiful love story. The ending was a bit of a shocker, but I think it fit perfectly with the topic. This one is going to be added to my favorites list. :)
You had a clever interpretation of the topic. I think that to make it more impactful, evening out the % of dialogue to description would have made it so.
You created a thrilling story that captivated me from the very beginning. I loved it---hope it places!
I love Biblical fiction. I found the rapid changes between POVs a little distracting, but it's a good story. :-)
Powerful story with a clear message. Very well written.