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I remember seeing this form of poetry. (possibly on the poetry site posted on one of the threads). I liked your format. Your writing is creative. I enjoyed all your pictures (bacon, razorbacks, hoofpeding--that was a new word for me :) You were definitely thinking out of the box with this. Good work.
This comes from a brilliant mind for sure. Thanks for this out of box approach, so clever...
Oh this is certainly a new one for me! Creative and definitely out of the box here! I didn't see this kind of twist though the title should've warned me! The last verse is great. ^_^
This is apparently the week for excellent poetry! This one required several reads; a pleasant task, because of its superb quality.

I did, however, catch an "it's" that should be "its" in the 2nd stanza.

I'd like a peek into your brain...
I would not have the ability to write poetry like this. My style is more "the cat sat on the mat, while waiting for the rat". You however, make it seem so easy. Excellent! Very well done.
Out of the box creative. It takes incredible skill to write in this form, and that skill is one I do NOT have. Excellent!
Very creative, and thought provoking. In fact, I'll probably be thinking about this poem for a while. Nice job!
Delightfully executed~ Please pass the bacon.