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Oh, the horror! I have the worst kind of goose bumps all over! Wow, what an effective way to get to the worst case scenario of the topic. So many good descriptive lines in this piece that really painted a picture for me.
What a chilling way to illustrate the proverb! Well written, and the title fits so well.
Wow, I did not see that ending coming. I'm stunned. Excellent story and it fits the topic perfectly.
Ouch - but very well done, and spot on topic.
Oh wow--you gave us a shocker that I did NOT see coming. Perfect use of this week's topic, and excellent writing.
Oh my, I have goosebumps now. Oh my! I don't know what else to say and will leave it at that. Oh my! What a lesson to be learned here!
Tremendous! Ican see you have great talent.

I look forward to reading more from you.
I didn't even contemplate the end. What a terrible cost of revenge. This is so well written, the dialogue, the MC's thought... all masterful.
Fantastic writing and unique for the topic. Excellent!
The ending took my breath away. You did an awesome job with this entry. Well done.
Wow! Not much else to say, but this is o well done, and such a sad tale. THANKS.
Excellent! A very well-knit
story...your words gradually slide into place to impress the reader: And you have succeeded...Thank you

God bless you for more affirmed narrations...Amen
Congratulations on your EC!!!!! :)
Wow. That's pretty much all I can say after this. The ending is so incredibly sad, but wow, you did nail the topic. Congrats on your EC, it is well-deserved. I am glad I did not miss this piece. ^_^
Congratulations on your EC. The ending took my breath away. Excellent illustration of the proverb.
Is it ok to say I hate your ending? ;) But it's only because you wrote it so well. Congratulations - awesome job.
Very well written, and sad. Jim paid an unimaginable price for his blind ambition of revenge. Congratulations on your EC!! Well deserved.