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Was the older pastor the man in the story? I guess you leave that up to the reader to decide. Well written.
Love the way this older pastor took time to coach the younger pastor with his own lessons from life. Good job writing this.
Lots of wisdom in this piece.
Wonderful characterizations and description and a lesson for all of us - not just pastors.
I very much enjoyed this dialogue. It was authentic, and really revealed the personalities of the characters.

I guess it's just me, but I can't figure out where the topic comes in.

You have a deft touch, and a very pleasant style.
I liked the story the older man tells. I think most church goers and christians can relate.
The tickets in the bulletin is a funny idea.
I love the personalities of your two ministers. This piece was written in such a way that I felt like I knew them both by the ending. Great writing, and I hope some day to be as good in my own writing.
What a wonderful message you delivered in this well written story. I'm so glad the young minister did not bite off his nose to spite his face as the one in the senior minister's example had.
I'd like to hear the Hades sermon....The title is so expressive of the lesson learned.
I enjoyed the "ticket" in the bulletin idea. :) You left me with a lot to consider concerning messages (the God's love vs. God's justice debate). Very creative idea with this entry.
A master's touch with a good strong message for all pastors. God bless.
Oooh. Cute. I think the older pastor was the guy in the 'story', right? I'm glad that he was able to get the younger guy to stop and rethink for a moment. Nice job.
Good job, I really liked the story and it definitely was on topic.