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Very cute and clever. Expressed the topic perfectly.
Well done. This Kreative King's tale is a Keeper!
Well, reading this put a smile on my face...thanks!
Entertaining and well-written.
Wonderful! Very creative. I really enjoyed this!
Ditto to all above. Really fun. You kept it moving at a quick pace making me eager to keep reading and discover how the King found them out. Course he never did, did he? That's the problem when you cut your nose to spite your face, you end up the loser. In this case the culprits did as well. Glad of that. Right on topic. Good writing!
I spy a savvy student of lilting alliteration. :-)
You adeptly achieved a light-hearted enough tone that the king's and advisers' demise just didn't have a sense of real tragedy.
This is awesome! Perhaps the best I've read so far for demonstrating the proverb of the week. A delightful read.
Ha! Poof! I totally enjoyed this!
kute, klever and kreative!
Loved this story and its very excellent ending
Uh-oh, exactly why you should always share with your advisors your plans! Very good story and right on topic!
I love the voice of the "narrator": light-hearted with just the right hint of cynicism. And I say "narrator" because it felt like someone was telling a story. And I couldn't wait to for him to get to the end.
This was so funny. I love the voice of your story and how you brought it to an explosive close. Great writing.
Haaa Haaaa maybe he should change his name to King Klutz.
What a fun story. I'd love to see it illustrated with outlandish characters. Perfectly on topic. Well done.
This is so much fun to read and perfect for the topic. Love the end too.
Fun alliteration. Big oops at the end. Oil's well that ends well...well, maybe not in this case.
Cute and clever - a fun entry for sure. Great job with pulling us along. :)
What a Katastrophe! Didn't see the end coming, great job. I actually liked the king for a moment when I thought he was onto the advisors, great twist.
ROFL! I am literally laughing out loud here! You really nailed this and I loved your fun title! The descriptions were so hilarious, one thread short of a wick, etc. The ending, of course, was my absolute favorite, oh I do hope this does well, it is so funny and it hit the topic head on! ^_^
LoL--I loved this! It's delightful all the way around!
I really loved this fun story. I was glad the advisors received the same fate as the king. Clever, clever.
This story is a fun change from all of the very serious entries this week. It's right on topic too. I think that it would be wonderful if you could make it into a book with illustrations. I really hope this one places high this week.
Congrats on Highly Commended. Well deserved! :)