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Your story is beautiful. Your writing with this lesson is wonderful. I love this line, "Being broken is part of being used." I'd never heard/thought of this. I've actually done something similar (kept a cracked mug and used it for something "non-liquid".) Now everytime I see it I'll remember your lesson. Thank you!
A very good lesson to be learnt from this story. Great job and keep on writing.
Beautiful story, and great title.
The only thing you forgot was the tissue warning.
Lovely lesson and wonderful descriptions. I was there with your MC. The emotions are so authentic.
Wow! What lessons to be learned here! Great writing!
Wonderful story. I really enjoyed this.
This made me cry. What a beautiful and moving story, and perfectly on topic.
Outstanding, ministered on several levels. A very intelligent and enjoyable read. I loved the symbolism of the cup and the italics :).
Great job. God bless.
Ahhh... I loved the ending. I'll never view a broken glass the same way again.
Thanks for the mini-sermon, Lord.
Great writing.((hugs))
Oh wow, Peej! I'm just now getting around to reading and wish I'd read this sooner. It's beautifully written with such a touching and meaningful message. I was inspired! I just love,love, love it!
This was so lovely and such an encouragement to anyone who might feel like a "broken mug." God has a use for us, just as we are; thanks for reminding us of this! Blessings and hugs
Thanks for this delicious slice of life, so much meaning in such a short piece, keep up the good words.
Beautiful story that is beautifully written. I loved it!
Love this story. Makes me wish I'd kept one of the many things my kids have broken just for this reminder. Oh, well... I'm sure I'll have lots more chances!

Very powerful. Thank you.
Beautifully written. You have captured the feelings of your MC perfectly. However I have to agree with Holly... a tissue warning would have been nice :)
I loved this one. The lesson is excellent, and it illustrates the topic perfectly.
Beautiful, beautiful parallels between the mug and life--this story works on several levels.
Wonderful story, and the message was perfect. Great work.
Simple, sweet and sincere.
I liked this one. The line with being broken but still used, that was fitting. It seemed to sum up this whole piece and it stood out the most to me, when she was praying and trying to repair the precious mug. I think you did well with this piece.
Love the title and the tie-in to the message in this story. I admire the mother and the way she reacts to her kid's accidental "disaster"! I love the awesome and gentle message that life is still valuable and valued, even if it has cracks and signs of wear. Beautiful story! that I've dried my eyes and wiped my nose...I'd like to say that coming from someone with a "broken" mother and one who also feels "broken" at times, I really needed this lovely lesson today. This is masterfully written, thought provoking, and highly encouraging. Thanks for writing this. Great job!
I loved this story that fitted the topic perfectly.
I love this. I broke a bowl that was my grandparents, and it had already been through one break, though not by me. When I dropped the bowl, I looked at the pieces on the floor, and couldn't bear to throw them out. Instead, I glued them back together. It's pretty noticeable, but still it sits proudly in my china cabinet. You don't know how true to life your story is. Very well done.
Very nicely written and deep. You have some good descriptions too.

Congratulations on your 1st place!!!! This is so worthy of the recognition. :)
WOOO, WOOO! Congratulations, Peej! I loved this story and wanted to leave in my comment that " This is a Winner" but didn't want to get your hopes up! ( sometimes my opinions don't win!) This was sooo well deserved!
WOOO, WOOO! Congratulations, Peej! I loved this story and wanted to leave in my comment that " This is a Winner" but didn't want to get your hopes up! ( sometimes my opinions don't win!) This was sooo well deserved!
Should I say it a third time?
This moved me to tears. So beautiful and a perfect analogy. Very well done!
BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations! You go, girl.
Peej -- Super congrats on your EC and level placing!!!!
***Congrats, Peej!*** ^_^
Very good example. Congrats on the win!
Congratulations on your much deserved 1st place--this is a wonderful story. I wish I had been more like this mother when my children accidentally broke things. Great job with the topic.
This so deserved to win. Wow. Oh, wow.
Beautiful story and so deserving of 1st place. Congratulations!
Beautiful! Congratulations on your well-deserved win. I'm glad I didn't miss out on reading this one.
Wow - Awesome - this is Art in prose. Congrats! Well Deserved!