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An amazing sense of place and description in this piece. You paint a portrait - and an amazing one at that, with your words. You had me completely engaged.
This is a very good description of a child's pain and the attempt to work through it.
A lovely piece - really descriptive. I felt like I was in the room with her. The author of this piece must be an artist too judging from the details only someone who knows could paint.
I loved this tender, sad, melancholy yet hopeful piece that ran the gamut of almost all human emotion. The contrast of the stepfather to the sister and mom was startling and yet rings so true as to all of our lives... the good the bad adn the ugly, and somehow we get through it all. You captured so much truth in this, it is inspiring to know that there was actually a word limit! GOOD WORK.. bravo..
This is a very creative piece. There is lots of emotion here. Thanks for sharing!
Beautifully written.
Wow! So descriptive by letting us "hear" her thoughts and feel her emotions. Well done!
Incredible! How sad, with such clarity. Thanks for an entry that won't be soon forgotten.
This was haunting and drew me in. I was really impressed by your writing style.
Well done! Sad yet hopeful as your MC did not give up, but immediately set to a new canvas (albeit in anger). I love the last line... "The first knot loosened."
The raw emotion and passion in this piece impressed me. I liked your short, choppy sentences which added drama to the scene. I relate with your MC on so many levels. Well done.
Great pacing--each little "brush" of your pen like a short stroke of the artist's brush, making an impressionist writing. What a marvelous entry!
The emotion in this is so rich it drips. Amazing. I love Sister Adella's words of wisdom--so true.
Too bad you only had 750 wordsI would have loved to have known more about the characters in this lovely story.
Wow...such emotion! Definitely a piece that hits the reader on so many levels, heartbreaking and hopeful all in one. Great, great writing!
Such emotion you managed to convey with your wonderfully descriptive piece. I think this is one of your best ones.
Beautifully done. The only part I don't understand is why both her step-father and the nun can come into the same studio; it would make more sense if she paints in school and brings the first one home, but the second one is safe at school.
You are a true artist, much more than a writer. You gave this entry a life and that takes great talent.
Thanks so much for taking time to leave a comment on my "Good News Alphabet." Since I had to return the favor, I happened on this artistic masterpiece of prose. I, too, loved the Sister's wise words. Your writing radiates vivid colors for all the senses just beautifully.