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This is certainly creative! I liked how you kind of threw in the bit with the future/past thing. That made it much more interesting for me, I liked how the scene was 'revisited'. Very funny at the end with the cake and chocolate crumbs. The third line in the beginning, is that a thought? It might work better in italics-just a tip. Great stuff! ^_^
Great descriptions, and very clever. Enjoyed this read.
A very creative idea. I was a little confused at the beginning as to which Sarah she was - the old or young one. This story would also work well from the other perspective i.e. the young Sarah learning to live with her mistakes by meeting her future self. A very good take on the topic.
Loved your idea here and how you pulled it off.. Sometimes when I read this kind of creative genius, I feel a tinge of envy, and then Stop and think... Learn from this and LIGHTEN up... just as your lesson described so well.. Loved it from start to finish! Good writing...
Clever. Had to read the piece twice, but one I "got it", I really liked it.
Very creative. Good job!
Sort of corny but you did pulled it off with the ending. The writing was good.
Creative and clever. Your ending made me laugh.
What a unique and creative approach. I love the idea of an older, wiser version of Sarah teaching and admonishing herself.
Very creative. I like your MC. Good work.
I love your creative approach to this topic. Well done.
I liked the idea a whole lot. I did have to read it over because I got confused. I'm not sure about the POV, but I guess when both of the MC's are the same person ...? Anyway, it surely was a creative story! I enjoyed it.
Creative and well written!
Oh, I LIKE this!! I got quite a chuckle out of it--especially the last line. Mrs. Jones!! Very well done! *grin*
Oh my, I didn't get your punch line until I read Patty's comment! Here is my 2nd comment -- well done! Very funny! LOL!
Excellent! I love the ending, and this is absolutely perfect for the topic! Very entertaining reading.
Very clever. Very funny. And a very powerful message in a 'lite' piece.

I agree with some others about the 'voice' being a little confusing -- which Sarah was talking -- at times.

Great job with the topic. Quite a fun read.
Very creative. I must confess though, I hope I never meet myself in my computer screen. Nice work.
I was glad she didn't give it away, I had a feeling about that Jonmes boy.....This is such a creative story. Keep up the good words.
I hope this places--it is so creative and demonstrates the topic so well. I loved it.
Imaginative and funny. Oh, the things that seem to be the end of the world when we're young. Good message.