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Oh, this is good. I could almost feel sorry for Brenda, but not a whole lot, even after all those years she's still being the same bothersome person she was. ^_^ I like Megan and even Rachel, they were my favorites in here. Good job. ^_^
Oh yes, I think we all know some Brendas. Some people never change. This was well written, and a good read.
Great writing. Love the title, hate Brenda. :) This story would have worked just as well, if not better for the "glitter" challenge. Captivating story. Nicely done!!
Brenda's trying to get to the top the easy way, even though she's already failed once! I like the characters (except for Brenda, of course) and the dialogue, too. You packed a lot of characterizations into this short story and gave me a good picture of these classmates.
You have some great characterization in this.
Red ink: There are too many characters, and you lose some of the opportunity to do more with the ones you begin with. A far as being on target with the topic, it's not all that clear that that's what you'r aiming for. If you had had Meagan as your lead MC, then you would have nailed it.
I like the tye-in of the syrupy behavior poured throughout the story.
I agree that there are too many characters, I had to go back and re-read to see who was who. You have lots of info here, too bad for the 750 word limit. Keep at it.
Great title, really well-written story. I got the connection to the topic with just a little bit of thought.

There ought to be a law against class reunions. It's like all the pain of high school, multiplied by 100.
Great writing!
I loved how you applied the proverb. Great story.
You did a great job of creating a character to hate.