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This is good. I liked it very much -- good story, well written mechanics-wise, and it sounds real, rather than forced and contrived to make a point.
This sounds so realistic, it makes me wonder if you took it verbatim from a real-life parent-child talk. I absolutely love the voice of both characters - so authentic. Great hook for a title too.
I could envision every movement and every bit of conversation in this entry! The dialogue is perfect for the characters, and as the other commenters noted, very realistic, too. Lovely story!
This was just too cute. Very charming and fun to read. Well done!
Absolutely precious from the beginning to the end! Great work!
Christmas Blessings!
I loved this beginning to end--surely a favorite this week.
Laury, this is my favorite of yours so far!
Very cute story, and realistic dialog. Too fun!
Superb title, and the story is, well, just too cute! Very successful capture of a little one's dialog. Well done.
Absolutely beautiful story. I loved everything about it. I hope you can tell us what happens in another challenge entry!
I giggled through this whole piece. Laughing out loud at the end with "Honk Honk" this is a lovely piece. I loved the characters and especially the honesty among them. Well done!
Wonderful story.
Loved every bit of this and glad to hear the happiness in your voice.
I'm just now getting a chance to read this, and let me just say, it is THE most precious story I have read in a very long time. I giggled, then chuckled, then teared up. What an excellent write!!!!
I love how naturally the dialogue flows between mother and child. You have a great gift of being able to accurately convey things from a child's perspective. It's a blessing getting to read through your past works Laury.