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I do so hope this is a true story...but fiction is written here also, as all FW members know. God Bless, and Seasons Greetings to you.
I also hope this is true - but regardless, it is a wonderfully moving and engaging story, well-told.
Miraculous! It seems as though I read a similar story-from a different angle- a Challenge or two back. If so, (I DO get the stories confused sometimes!) this one is just as interesting and wonderful! God is good to those who serve Him, and faithful to the church who reaches out in prayer on behalf of others.
Your beautiful telling of this wonderful story of God's miraculous healing has played over and over in my mind in praise to our glorious God. This is a story I will never forget. I'm so glad you shared it here.
Oh, thank you for telling (rather, 'showing) this wonderful true story! The miraculous coming of the child at the end gave this story a unique Christmas touch too. You are such a gifted writer! Is there anything you can't do, dear friend? What a blessing you are!
What an amazing story! And your telling of it was excellent. I hung on every word.
Oh I did like this. I liked how she realized what the surgery would do and when they went back to the doctor's they found that there was nothing there at all. This was great! Very encouraging.
I am so glad that you mentioned that this is a true story. This just made me want to jump up and dance. Great storytelling with the dedication before birth and the miraculous healing. I love this.
This is definitely a lump-in-the-throat, goosebump story. Your writing is excellent, and the story is wonderful. Great job with the topic.
Good story. This also happened to a dear friend of mine. She too had a mass and a dire prognosis. Now 2 grown sons later,...well, God is good. The only nitpick I would mention is the couple that were sitting behind Eleanor, what was their relationship to her and her husband? Why would he tell them and not his wife? It should have been mentioned what the relationship was, or why they were privy to this information.