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I'm just wild about Harry ;) Love love LOVE his personality and message and voice. Great job with the dialog - enjoyed reading this very much.
What a cool guy!

There was a slight POV issue at the beginning, but once you got that smoothed out, the story really clipped along. Nicely done.
I enjoyed this character, too. The dialogue is well written. Harry is a great guy; I hope I would be as accepting of change as he is.
Love the message in the story. You have created a wonderful character. Good job!
Now THAT's what I call Faith with a capital "F"! Wow, what an uplifting entry, even though in the realm of "common sense" one doesn't know where Harry will get his next meal or rent money. Great uplifter for those who doubt. Me included! Thanks for showing me the way!
I loved this story! Wonderful dialogue--Harry comes alive as a delightful and beautiful character! I know and have known several amazing people like him at the nursing homes where I volunteer--and these special people are always an inspiration to me.

Wonderful message about the true Source of happiness.

Great title, too--a personal name in a title always sparks my curiosity. Great job!
Count me in as one of Harry's admirers! Also of your story. As a matter of fact my husband and I are in that same position at present and we keep pinching ourselves to ask why we aren't worried or upset. But we both know the reason. By the time you reach our age you have seen God provide in the midst of bleakness so often all you can do is wonder how He will do it this time. This one is probably going to place high and it will deserve it.
This is a good story, well told, but I find it a little hard to believe. But then, your title claims it's a miracle as it very well might be. Wouldn't it be great if we all could remain calm and cheerful in the face of every circumstance? I'm confident this will happen some day--when Christ returns. I'd like to work with someone like Harry.
This is lovely with a clear, affirming message. The dialogue flows smoothly – maybe a bit preachy at points, but not enough to make you jump to the next paragraph. One suggestion – your piece is a little lacking in description of the setting. I could hear the characters but I couldn’t see them.
This story is good, really good. A missed comma, a couple of quote marks missing, but the dialogue and meaning were well done. I think this needs to be in the puppy pen.
Wish we could all have Harry's faith. The message in this story is wonderful, and one we recently discussed in my Sunday School class. Good work.
A VERY sweet story. I loved it. Though I was a tad confused just after Mike told Harry about him losing his job... it says "Sometimes I hate my job" but isn't italicized like a thought, and doesn't have quotations around it to be something oral.

Other than that... it's just what I'd expect outta you!
Kinda sugary but I liked it anyway. I suspect Harry was pensioned eligible and knew by leaving he would be making way for someone else to keep their job. The ending gave the clue to what Harry's next assignment was. Good job.
Yo! You made it into the puppy pen! This deserves a nod from dub. I enjoyed it, too. Very uplifting. I kept thinking of the commercial where the guy is crunching cereal at work and he can't hear his boss telling him he's fired, so he just keeps smiling and nodding his head.
Good job with the topic!