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A fun read - you did a fabulous job of giving your MC a personality, and of describing the action. Enjoyed this very much!
I enjoyed every word of this, and then when I got to "That would be you, gentlemen" I broke into a big ol' grin. FANTASTIC voice.
One Bible story we never forget! And THIS version of "Daniel in the Lions Den" gave us the lion's point of view! Fantabulously clever and creative! King Darius, by the way, had desperately tried to undo his declaration due to his fondness for Daniel...but failed; but all worked out for the Glory of God. Terrific job of writing!
I have to ask--if you find the time I want to know what inspired a lion's Pov and this Biblical story for the topic of "calm". Well done.
A lion's pov. Wow! What a unique approach! I especially like the ending, kind of tongue in cheek (or out, as the case may be - hee-hee) macabre comic. Dry humor carried to the nth degree!! :) All kidding aside, this is really good writing.
"...try to see it from my oint of view, OK?" Very funny stuff!
Your story was simply delightful! You took what was essentially a pretty grim history lesson and turned it into something refreshing--and funny. Wow! Was Daniel really that calm? I'd like to think he was.
Cute story, I must admit I am not fond of telling a story from an animal's pov, I really wonder why people do it. But if it can be used to help someone understand the scriptures better...anyway keep writing.
Donna, I was a judge this week and wanted to let you know how much I adored this entry. It stood out for me as one of the cream of the crop. So creative and clever. Excellent work! Love and blessings, Teri
Congratulations! So glad that the Judges loved your sense of humor on this one - It's one story that I find hard to forget - and so happy you got a "Share" of the 'goodies'! Kudos!
Congrautlations on your 3rd place. This is a great retelling of the Bible story. I really enjoyed reading this. Nice job.
Congratulations, Donna! So very creative and unique!
Donna, I love it! I missed reading so many before the judging was finished, but what a story! This is humorous, unique and fun. I love the line, "That would be you, gentlemen", too. A deserving win!
Well done Donna and deserving to advance to Masters. Great POV.
Another lesson we can learn from this story: God rewards patience and obeying Him - instead of just one person coming for dinner, God rewarded the obediance of the lion with much more than he could eat at one time. For those who wait upon the Lord...