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Great, great detail - and RIGHT on topic! Wish my floors were concrete. ;) You did an amazing job of showing the emotions. You got me all riled up! Excellent.
What a solution--just way too many years too late to use it! You told your story vry well.
Oh, have I ever had my molton lava moments! What mom hasn't? Vivid descriptions about an emotional, frustrating moment! I could almost feel the stomping. :)
Great, great story! Extremely well written. Love the title, too!
Great title, your writing makes it easy to visualize this story, my favorite part is your use of scripture at the end, the story sets it up perfectly
Yes, I have had some lava mama moments myself. Good story and good resolution. Thanks for sharing this.
The phrase "lava mama" is just the best!
You got my heart racing with anger - very well described. Good writing all the way through. And a great title! :)
Great message, and well-written, engaging story.
Love It!!!
Oh, I could just see you using this technique!

( Not that Martha was you !)

This was good writing and great descriptions of anger. I'm glad you wrote it and shared it! Great job!
Cute story with a good method/message to boot! I was wondering if the name Martha was implied from the Bible story about Martha always concerned about work, but as I read the story, I thought maybe not.
Oh, If I could have only read this a few years ago, and then too when I was growing up! Well written, glad I'm not in this level:)
Boy, I could have used this a few years ago. I *really* liked this. You did a good job of showing the mom's anger. Thumbs up.