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My roots in the Administration of Christian Education rise up in protest! What a way to treat a dedicated Sunday School teacher! Karen's reaction would have been mine too, so I guess that says you described the anger well. Nice work.
I loved how you had calmness and forgiveness replace the understandable anger in your MC's heart. I wondered if the "messenger" was thoughtless or vindictive.
Your opening grabbed me and made me want to read more of your writing. Great flow to the story, right into a happy ending, and the last line was a nice touch.
This was a good read;you gave us a reason for your anger that we could relate to. You showed us your anger, including how you had even 'dropped out' of the conversation with the 'messanger'.And you gave us a good scriptural ending.
Authors Note: This is based on a true story. It happened to me. And yes, I was in the hospital when I received the news. The rest of the story is...When the new teacher didn't workout, I was asked to take the position again. I have been teaching the class now for over 30 years. It has been a wonderful blessing in my live.
Names in the story have been changed.
Love the symbolism of the ending, with the dab of lotion above the heart.

FYI--...visiting hours have ended...

Thanks for the postscript, and the assurance that God in His grace made the situation right again.
I'm always amazed at how little appreciation the church tends to give to dedicated teachers of the children. Those who truly love to serve the children are sometimes thought of as mere babysitters. Your story spotlighted a real problem in the church, but then led the reader to the healing and peace God gives in unfair circumstances. Great ending!
What a tender story of anger turning into acceptance. But I particularly loved the last line, which of course,is always the most important. It left me with an audible "Awwwww."
Very nicely written piece with a timely message.
This is a very nice story. I would have felt anger also. I am so thankful for your postscript!
Very realistic (which makes sense, since it was real LOL) - you did a fabulous job of setting the scene and getting us inside your MC.
Great illustration of how churches often shoot their own. Nicely done.
Well-told story with a good message that was told with great honesty. I really liked the Bible reference, I just wish I could live up to it more.
Church situations like this one are often too plentiful, but the scripture reference convicted me and it occurs to me that God truly uses those situations to mold us, doesn't He? This was great writing, the flow, the interest level and the ending were beautifully written.
How soon we forget the faithfulness of others. We enjoy the fruits of their labor without giving thought to the tree from whence it came. Very nice.
Yep, definitely an angry entry, but the end was perfect as I don't know I could have made the right choice as quickly. You definitely had and kept my attention in this well written gem!
Many of these anger challenges seem to end with forgiveness. It's uplifting to me. Thanks for not disappointing me.