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I am going to have to read this to my family. I think I'm picking my jaw up off the floor!! This sounds like a true story, but if it is fictional, you did an excellent job of making the unbelievable believable! Thanks for sharing.
So funny! It wouldn't be so bad if the truck had at least been WHITE! Love your title, too. :)
I've heard of forgetting where your WHITE vehicle is parked, but getting in a different color... What a hoot! Humorous, well told, and I loved the last line. This shows your talent.
Enjoyed the laughs. A little work on presentation and this would be on the top side of very good. God bless.
A great story, well told. A normal human reaction to forget the hinges when the mind was totally focused on the drama of taking the wrong car. I related very much to this, as I have often gone to the wrong car by mistake.
Love your humor and the last sentence is priceless.
Loved your voice. Perfect for the situation. Got quite a few laughs out of this. Glad you're back, George :)
Oh, this gave me a good chuckle. That's the sort of thing I could do...even with enough sleep. Good story telling. I enjoyed this!
What a title and what a story! You're a good story teller and you manage it so well with your humour.
The title is perfect, and the story is a hoot. The black/white truck was story enough, but leaving the hinges behind was a great touch. (If this is a true story, then we'll have to give credit for the hinges, not to creative genuis, but to lack of sleep!)

I'd suggest eliminating some of the introductory material, and expanding the middle section, which is top-notch. I loved it!
Really enjoyed this embarrasing moment. Good read. Perhaps a little more "showing" and a little less "telling" would have moved in along more smoothly. Loved the ending!
Oh! Thank you!! I really needed this laugh after some of the 'heavies' I've just read!! Too GOOD! I loved this. Just loved it!! :-) And I love how your title ties in and draws in.
Too funny. This was simply a fun read and a great story. I, too, was wondering if you happend to leave those hinges in the truck. Guess some things we do are just meant to be known.
This is a classic! I'm still grinning, even the title is funny. I agree with other comments, I'd get right to the meat of the story, it's too good to wait on!
A really funny story told well.
Well, now. If 15th overall and 6th in advanced is how you do when you're "rusty," I'm SCARED of what kind of contender you'll be when you're "nice and shiny." Congrats, George. ;)