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The modern versions of this joke are all the "urgent", "do it now!" type emails that clog our computers everyday! Funny!
This is so funny. I loved Aunt Ethel and mother. I was so glad we learned the MC made the same mistake. This gave your ending great punch. After falling for such things, I've become quite a skeptic.
LOL Oh, yes, I've been the unwitting victim of many a hoax. This is such an easy reading, very humorous tale. I love it! You are a great story-teller. Well written and very fun. The ending is perfect. Good job!
Cute funny story. You got me a little, must be gullable myself, I was waiting to find out how water was going to come out of the phone lines. lol.
Anyway, enjoyed the read. It was a little telly and the presentation could be improved some, but I enjoyed your story. God bless.
Ohhhh this is great! I enjoyed the read and think I'll share it with my family. That last line really finishes the story with a punch.

Very humorous entry and the last line finished it off beautifully.
TOOOOOOO cute! Sounds a little similar to "War Of The Worlds" and Orson Wells' announcement (I think) way back in the dark ages! Well done.
Truly embarassing to fall for a practical joke. Hilarious! My daughter used to play one on me every April Fool's Day. I remember her setting all the clocks back one year and forgetting to tell me she did. I missed my bus and arrived two hours late for work. That one wasn't funny.