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You did a wonderful job of showing the anguish of this couple. This was very, very engaging. If I had to make a suggestion, I'd say the third paragraph from the bottom (about Grace growing in her faith through the trial) seemed a bit weak in comparison to the others. Yet, I was absolutely engaged from beginning to end. Excellent.
I'd have tried another mission board myself, but hey ! You describe the struggle and the emotion very well. Nice job.
Nicely done! I imagine this is exactly what this situation would feel like.

I was very compelled at the beginning, and felt that it perhaps fizzled a little toward the end.

You've created real and likable characters, and your plot arc was well-done for so few words.

I like stories that illustrate, "all things work together...", you did a great job with this story. Thanks.
Very well done. Obedience is evident in their decisions, and should be in all of ours. Thank you.
Very nice. There's feelings were portrayed in a vivid, clear way. I liked this!
Your story makes me grateful for those whose strength is in service to the will of God through mission work. They are certainly under God's grace and though it's not always easy, your characters bring this out through your writing.
It's great to have confidence in God's will. It's human to be discouraged while you wait for Him to work out the details. This story tells it all.
What a good reminder that God is there even our disappointment. Grace learned a valuable lesson. good job!
I wanted to keep reading more and more to see what happened when they finally left. Good emotions, clear descriptions. This could be expanded more if you wanted to. ^_^
You had me doubting their call right along with Grace. I got lost in reading the story. Love the ending, of course. Great job!
Isn't God's way and timing perfect!! I really appreciated how you illustrated this wonderful lesson with your story. Great job.