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Thank you for sharing so honestly. We all know someone with cancer. You made excellent points for us to keep in mind. God bless. Angel
I'm confident this story will be appreciated by many people who need a healthy dose of confidence right now. Our world is full of people suffering silently in their crisis. Thank you for the frank approach concerning our often reality based doubts. Good job.
Thank you for sharing this, it meant a lot to me. My Grandmother passed away from cancer a week ago, and I know she's all healed now, in the presence of her Savior.
You are so right on with your descriptions of the whole cancer process thing. I went through it with my son's Dad, and my "new" husband is in remission right now. Isn't it funny how the Lord can take something so obviously sad and tragic for us and bring His peace, healing and, yes, joy right smack into the middle? That's our Great God! Thanks for sharing your heart warming story.
Words fail me this is great!
This is a touching and amazing piece! Thank you so much for putting words to a process that many of us have experienced with loved ones and friends. I hope this entry does well.
Very inspirational, and a super tribute to your friend. I so appreciate your candidness with this piece.

The line "her confidence is staggering" threw me for a moment, because I first read it to mean "her confidece is stumbling" (she is losing her confidence) rather than "her confidence astounds me." Probably just me...

Wonderful pacing on this piece...I love it.
Wonderful wonderful. I love the pace of this, and the voice.
Beautifully - and achingly - written. A touching story from the heart, and reminder to us all that the very best we can do for an ill friend or loved one is to pray, for that is the greatest gift we can give - the power of prayer. A friend of mine who recently experienced another triumph on her road to recovery from cancer says the knowledge of others' prayers inspires and encourages her.
You have perfectly captured the emotions in your writing. I felt I was there going through all of it. It must have been a difficult piece to write. I pray that prayers will be answered.