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Oooh, I love this! It really appeals to the wordplay lover in me (I usually spend at least a day teaching similes like this every school year). You had a great "voice" that made this very pleasant to read.

A minor note: the "does" in the first sentence should be "do".

Your last bit is really the climax of the piece, and gives me goosebumps! Wonderful!
Oh, did I ever LOVE this! I can tell this piece was a joy to write, It certainly was to read. Love the end.
You're as right as rain! Good work.
Hehehe, fun article!
Interesting and fun. Thanks.
Creative piece. Thoughtful and well-written.
I'm still trying to figure out your age. Loved your story. Nice job.
Marilyn, so help me, I read this several days ago and was interrupted before I could leave a comment, but the first thing I thought after reading it was "I'll bet anything in this world that Marilyn wrote this. It sounds EXACTLY like her." I wish I had returned from my phone call and left a comment when I first read it because it really is good and it has your name all over it. I was sure whoever wrote it would be in the top 3 winning spots, place but the judges don't generally see the things we want them to see in our writings, anyway. This was a very good piece.
Author's Note to Self: Got Dub's approval on this one...(*.*)