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Very creative story, a lovely title, and extremely well written; however, this reader got lost in the maize of multi-names and places and finished up a mind boggling, exhausted heap at the bottom of the summit -(but don't rely on One Readers critique alone!) I'm confident others will love it! Nicely done.
Lovely story; I really liked this one...
Very unique, and an exciting read. I was a bit confused by: "Day after day, he doggedly strove upward, rested, then upward again. At last, darkness forced him to return to Resting Cave for the next days attempt." Does darkness come only once in a while? Other than that, I was enthralled. Great comparison to our need to rely on God's guidance and not our own strenghth
Lovely imagery. I got a touch lost in the names, but definitely enjoyed this.
Wow! Marvellous imagination and word-weaving. Wonderful analogy.
Nice job! This is a unique take on the topic and just an interesting read.
What a creative story, very well told. The descriptions were excellent and the message very clear.
Oh wow! You have a whole novel here crammed into 750 words. Whoa! I was with you all the way through this. Extremely creative and original. I loved the 'matching names' and especially how closely this parllels to our own lives when we attempt things without His counsel. Excellent writing! This is definitely a favorite of mine this week! ^_^
Loved it! You drew me in and kept me there. Very creative and loved the spiritual implications. Jo
Creative imagery. Some confusion over the abundance of names, but a good read.
There was a lot to take in, but the singular message was clear. Reminded me bit of Indian Lore. Nice job.
I know someone like Widewing. His pride prevents him from seeking advice. I thought of him through the entire story. Nice job.
This should be very encouraging to youths. Good job.
You never lost me.... but I am surrounded by eagles all the time and tend to name them! LOL ( usually George and Gracie )
The spiritual implications and lessons are endless here as are the scriptures to parrallel to. Easily a novel or serious of short stories. Well done!
Did I mention I loved it?
Loved the names, loved the imagery and loved the voice of this story. Well done.
What an amazing way to come at the topic. This was so interesting, and I especially loved the line, "Widewing caught it and soared, higher than ever before over the storm and over the Summit." What a great analogy!

I loved the imagery here. I can see this in an inspirational book with illustrations... Its one of my favorite on this topic..
***Congrats!*** I was really hoping this would place! Awesome writing!
Congratulations on your EC. This is a well-thought out story. Although there were a lot of names, I appreciated the meaning behind each one. Good writing.
Nice job! Congrats on your EC!
Fascinating, well-written story, David! Wonderful analogies here with a great overall message! Congratualations on your winning placements! :)