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I can see this read at night to a little girl as one of her favorite stories.

Very well done.
What a beautiful story. I really enjoyed reading it, as did my daughter, who's name happens to be Abigail too!
This would be a very helpful read for children who have experienced the loss of a parent. Your Abigail's voice is just right for a 7-year-old, and I like the subtle touches that indicate the emotions of the adults, too.
This was a true roller coaster ride: the ups and downs of grief. After one year, Abigail is just beginning to be able to move on. A wonderfully written tale of the healing process for a child who has been faced with such loss. I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out her grandparents would be moving in. Perhaps you could put an indication that this story deals with death either in the title or the subtitle so that people who begin the story are prepared for any questions or feelings of fear that it might stir up in a small child. Good job!
I liked this story and I am pleased to read one about a more serious topic. So many of the entries are very light-hearted and this was a nice change of pace. I love that the grandparents were going to move in - that was a nice suprise, an unexpected happy ending. You did a nice job of writing about a sad/serious subject while making the story touching, but not too sad at the same time. Great job! Love and blessings, Teri
Very well done story. You did a good job of touching on the very real emotions, but still staying appropriate for a child this age.
This touched my heart in a very real way. What a precious story to comfort the heart of a child who has lost a parent. Very, very good.
This is a sweet story, and addresses an important topic. Children don't need to be "protected from" death and other realities of life with false reassurances; rather they need to be prepared for all possibilities imaginable. Adults might think children don't understand, but I remember being three years old and appreciating my parents explanations to my questions.

I agree with the comment alerting parents in advance. You might even want to use this as part of a Bible study, giving parents and children the eternal hope of God's Word, that He will never leave us. Good job!
Beautiful. I was looking for just this kind of book when my son's Daddy died. (Very few about the death of a parent were available then.) The voice of Abigail is right for the age in your story and the ending is hopeful and up-lifting. The emotional aspects of a first "family occasion" after a death is true to life also. This story would be helpful for a family to read before an event such as you describe.
This little kid has a great voice, and the whole story is very realistic and not overdone with grown-up "lessons". You definitely have the knack of living inside your MC.
Dear, sweet friend. As I read this I felt consoled. As a mother of four son's and a person with precarious health--I often wondered as a young mother how my health issues would effect my kids long term. I soon found that as I explained things to them (not in detail) they were comforted and went about the task of being children. They are secure to this day. Parent's don't need to hide pain and loss from children and you have done a delightful job at showing how grief effects three different generations in a healthy way. God bless you in your efforts, you have written this piece very well.
You have taken a serious subject and handled it with love and perfection!
Well-written story on this special topic! The sadness wasn't too "heavy," and the happy ending would leave young children satisfied at the end. Good job! :)
I adore this - so real, and the voice is perfect. You had a wonderful challenge buddy too, it appears! ;)
This is wonderful.
I'm inclined to think that even kids who haven't lost a loved one will get an appreciation of the realities of life - and death - from this piece. Well done.
I read this out loud to my daughter and got choked up. Very touching. Abigail is very mature. This is a great story for a child dealing with loss or so others will be thankful that they have their parents.
I liked the way you expressed a child's coming to accept grief without forgetting her beloved mother. I think this would be a most helpful story for a child who's grieving.
This is so good for children. Many children deal with death and this should help them learn to heal. Good story.
I thihk you captured the heart of this child beautifully, esp. the fear she felt when she thought some bad news might be repeated. Also, liked the tie-in to how important the family is to us all. Nice job!
Very well done. You really captured this little girl's heart.
This brought tears to my eyes. It is so sweet, and unfortunately, true for some children. I'm glad Abby will have her grandparents close. Well done.
THis was a sweet story. You captured my heart with it.
This is a lovely children's story, Chrissy! I liked the tone and the setting, especially the present at the end ^_^. That's the best kind of present. I can't think of any improvements, so well done!