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I doubt you'll win a poetry challenge complaining about sonnets and praising haiku, but I enjoyed the read... :)
Haiku is one of my favorite as well. :)
A fun read...especially the last line. lol
I loved the use of poetry tecnigue and tools to make a poem about poems! Good job!
Love the poem lesson. Very, very good.
"Emily's hearse!" I got it, I got it--"Because I could not stop for Death--"

I love the way each verse was self-referential. I could have read more and more of this.

Now let's give each other the English teacher's secret handshake.
A most interesting take on poetry, cleverly done by someone who knows the poetic terms by heart! This English teacher approves!
Very nice and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing it
Betting this one was fun to write and play with. I definitely enjoyed it - and love the Emily reference (she used to be the only poet I liked!).
Fun! I love how you demonstrated what you wrote! :-)
Okay, now I have to go look up a couple of terms. I like that you gave examples in each verse of what you were referring to. A fun read for sure.
Scholarly, my favorite among many is: Rhymed couplets are fun to read
Their rhythms rhyme to concede
Forced meter counted just to make
Another verse for heavens sake."
Your poem exposes a writer with great ability and knowledge to share.
A poem about writing poems. This is so creative and fun to read!
'For readers to attend' Um ... Dub ... was this intentional?

I think this reeks of talent. I enjoyed the journey of words.
Do I dare write that this made me chuckle, and I'm still smiling? This has to go into my favorites, because it will become a poetry reference. What a delight! And, I am so honored to receive a comment from you on my own poetry. Thank you, muchly!
Excellent. STanding "O"!
God bless.
Wow, dub! Looks like a perfect 5.0 in my book! wish I couldn't judged this week. What a treat! (oops...excuse the exclamations ;) Can't help myself after reading this one.) Like the others have all said, you sure know what you're talking about and have written it delightfully! :)
that was supposed to be 'wish I could've judged this week'!
I think I strained my brain reading this. There were words I couldn't even pronounce let alone have any clue what they meant. The tone is priceless and the poem about poems was craftily crafted. Loved the repetition in the first stanza. You're a poet and you know it!
Joining William in a standing ovation. Bravo! Loved this, Dub! Every verse - especially the one where the verse is repeated. Especially the one where the verse is repeated. LOL This is a winner in my book. Too fun!