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I like that the narrative is by an owl -- especially with their association to wisdom.
History from the perspective of a wise old owl is very creative and effective. In fact, you could probably write a whole book from his point of view. One tiny observation about presentation: more white space makes it easier to read and punches up the story. Dialogue, especially as full of meaning as yours,stands out when separated from the narrative. Again, owl-on-a- branch-with-an-opinion is very appealing; wish I had thought of it! LG~
Very interesting perspective. Enjoyable. Some formatting would help it read easier.
A very original concept of looking back on US's history. I like the intro, and the wise old owl. A little confusing sometimes as to who was speaking at first, which would be cleared up by the formatting mentioned by other commenters. A nice ending!
What a creative idea, using the owl's "wise" perspective to share these views.
This is interesting through the eyes of a wise ol' owl. This piece needs to be a lot longer, then more info could be put in.
We like to think that man is of a higher order than the animals (or the birds, in this case), but to say that men behave like animals is to offend the animals — they are often much smarter and less violent than we are.

This is an interesting perspective. I agree that it is worth lengthening so that more detail (and more wisdom) can be included.
I absolutley love the introduction in this story. This piece is unique, too. I agree that for the ease of reading, maybe a few more white spaces would help. I found myself re-reading a line or two to completely understand what was happening here and there, but this is still a very good piece. Thumbs up for originality and and entertainment value.
Great set-up in the intro! I can't imagine how your mind came up with this concept. (Mine doesn't work this way!) This is a marvelous piece, great POV. At first I thought it was a little stilted, but after reading it through, it fits a wise owl very well. Informative, yet entertaining, political piece. Good job!
Just a comment on the VN Vets - we will never receive our due for serving our Country from others. It was something taken from us and can never be repaid. But we can see that it never happens again and THAT'S our reward!

God bless and keep writing.
Kudos for a unigue and creative story idea.

I suspect some of your spacing and formating problem was error in trying to submit the story into the submission box. I had difficulty for awhile too unitil I found out how to do it. Email me if you need to some help with formatting your work into the submission box.