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Beautifully written story! The dialogue and vivid desriptions brought the characters--especially the main one--to life. I felt as though I knew the feisty and courageous doctor.

I was a little disoriented by the sudden switch from story mode to the more general, fact-filled biography. Both types of writing are excellently done, but perhaps they could be split into two sections with asterisks in between since the styles are so different.

Great title--it sparked my curiosity. Good job!
Very informative. I love to here true stories about heroes like this doctor.
Very good story! I particularly liked the image of the petite doctor "barking orders like a railroad boss." :)
I was drawn into this story in the first paragraph. There is so much information about the doctor, you feel you know her. Excellent real-life storytelling!
Very interesting. I'll be honest though. I enjoyed this piece up until it ceased to become a story and you began telling me this woman's history. That's when I started to get bored. That's just my personal opinion.