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Very good. I really liked this! There were a few confusing parts, concerning mostly comma placement which can be caught by a Challenge buddy, or family member/friend willing to go over it before you submit it. If it weren't for those little boo-boos, it'd be perfect.
I was right there with this poor girl. Your description is so vivid - I could see it all perfectly in my mind's eye.
Love the sound effects!
Your title demanded my attention and your story delivered from start to finish...great writing!
Great story! I was holding my breath for Abby. Just a bit of proofreading and you have an excellent piece here. I really enjoyed reading it, kept me on the edge of my seat!
I wish there was more that's a GOOD thing! Well done.
An excellent personalized glimpse into that time in our nations history. Story is often a better way to relate history than the text book approach. Those cut feet, the icy river, her confusion all tell what it was like to live in her circumstances in that age. Good job.
My feet are killing me and I am shivering. This was a very suspense filled story. Riveting writing. Great job.
Wonderfully written story. Very good. I love early American slavery stories, espcially those with happy endings.