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Great spiritual application - and I love the casual writing style.
A wonderful devotional! I loved the strong verbs and nouns throughout. It is a message we are all familiar with with an original and apt example! Great work!
Excellent article. I love the title, it drew me in - had to see what it was about. Wonderful spiritual application!
When you said your husband took control (of the weeds in the yard), I would have caught on quicker (and that may be a testimony to my denseness, rather than how it was written ;D) if you'd indicated that he felt he had no need of the Expert after the first successful weed eradication in the garden. But the message was still clear and the application was excellent. And I loved the title. Good work. Blessings, Cheri
What I loved most about this was that you made your point without preaching it. You trusted your writing and your readers' intelligence, and you let the message speak for itself. Very, very good.
Very interesting analogy -- so subtly, yet direct. Excellent job.
Excellent message through wonderful dialogue and colourful picture words....
Your title is great, and your point clearly made. The story kept my interest because I could see it happening at my house!
Yes, we need to stay in touch with the expert. Good advice. We also need to learn to pay attention to the directions (the Bible).
Good message here to stay in touch with the Expert and not try to handle things in our own wisdom! This was well-written, and I especially liked the sentence about how the "weeds had merely packed their bags and moved to our lawn." I think several of them took flights to my lawn, as well! :) Nice job!
I really like this! This is a great reminder to stick with the expert so I don't get into the wrong stuff. The dialog is great--I could it quite clearly! :-)
Wow! I really like this. I could relate to this and enjoyed your comparisons.This is so true and hits home. Sometimes I have asked otehrs for help when I needed simply to get on my knees and ask for help from the who is the Best advice giver in the universe.:0) Praise God we serve a patient and loving Lord though and how He loves to hear us call him "Abba","Dadddy" and run to him for all of our needs,whether big or small. Keep up the great writing. I love your style!!Janice
Catrina, I'm picking pieces for the Front Page Showcase, and I've come back to this wonderful devotional. I plan to feature it for the week of August 13. Look for it on the FW home page!
Love your style, Catrina! Congrats, appearing in the Showcase!!
You KNOW I love this! SO deserving of the showcase. Needed it today, too!
Very easy article to relate to--I bet you're not the only ones to make that mistake in the literal OR spiritual sense! : )
Very nice devotional. Congrats on getting the showcase.