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The third line has a typo. "Practise" should be "Practice." One of those silly errors... but overall, this was very good! I liked how you used biblical passages throughout, mimicking Genesis in the family you wrote about. My only content suggestion would be to give the mother a name. It'll draw in the reader exponantially, and make this family seem less hypothetical.

You left me a comment saying that you were excited to have discovered me. Well, I assure you that the feeling is mutual. You have talent, LA Evans. And to use that talent for the glory of God is a beautiful thing. I guess that's why we are all gathered here. God is good, isn't he?
I loved your other story so much, I had to read more. :) This one is fabulous, very inspiring and convicting. I love the creation scripture tying into the narrative, and the mother's stepping out of her comfort zone to be obedient to the Lord. I'm surprised you didn't get more comments. Please join the message boards - come to the "Writing Challenge" thread to learn about hinting and bricking. You'll get tons more feedback on your entries.

I'm keeping my eye on you, Lesley-Ann. I predict you'll keep moving up with these writing skills.

(I'm guessing you're English because of the spelling of "practise"?) :) Cat