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This was excellent! I love the alliteration (I think that is the right word) with Poseidon Panic and Titanic Terror. The tips are not just funny, they are true. I have been on one. I actually lost weight that week because I took the stairs. Maybe I need to go on another one...this was great. Keep it up.
This is cute. I know someone who would enjoy reading this very much. They just went on a cruise last year and a few words of advice echo your thoughts. Great job with writing this. Numbering the tips was great for style and format. ^_^
THIS is good! I absolutely LOVED this - just LOVED it! It made me laugh! Oh yeah - this is good. (laughing emoticn)
This is hilariously too close to the truth! Your exaggerated humor is excellent.
Great observations, and oh so true!
Say, were you just on the Majesty Of The Seas sailing to the Bahamas and Key West from Miami? This sounds VERY familiar. I loved it - could relate to all of it. One little detail. Did you really mean "emancipated person?" Great work.
This had me laughing out loud -- especially #1 & 6. Good writing -- easy to read.
My experience at sea was paid for by Uncle Sam and outfitted by the lowest bidder. Your accomodations sound wonderful. Thanks for the advice it might come in handy some day. Very funny. Keep up the good work.
Absolutely hysterical. I have always dreamed of going on a cruise, now I know what to do. I LOVED it!
Wonderful advice. And so humorous. Sounds like you learned a lot on your voyage! (maybe the hard way?)
I've never been on a cruise before, but because of your twelve tips, I'll be better prepared if I do go on one someday! Clever and funny piece! :)
This was laugh-out-loud hilarious! Great job!
Ha, True as blue. Enjoyed it as it brought back memories. The humor and voice are priceless. great work. God bless.
I'm glad you could use your cruise experience for a fun writing challenge entry! I need to keep these tips in mind if I ever decide to go on a cruise. Thanks for making me smile.