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Ha ha, for a minute I thought this belongs in fantasy genre of sorts because such a day would never happen in my life! But the ending made it all the funnier. Nice pacing, great characterizations, really good job!
This was honestly funny! Made me laugh all the way through, especially at the end. Very good ending! ^_^
I knew all along she had to be dreaming. I've taught children's Sunday School. A nice sequence, with a good ending!
I knew it was too good to be true! Having worked with kids for more years than I care to admit, I can only wish that in a better world, it might actually be more than a dream! Good job.
I suspected we would find out she was dreaming. Nice job - I'd like to share this with our children's ministry team.
I knew it had to be a dream or her birthday! I wasn't sure which. Good job.
We wish. :-) Had similar dreams as a high school teacher.
Ha! I knew there had to be a catch. You just wrote every Children's Church worker's dream. Great job! Only, I wish that it would happen for real.LOL
I KNEW it had to be a dream :) a very lovely dream at that :)