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I'm glad I get to leave your first comment. You had me laughing from the first paragraph through to the end! I'm not a writer, just a "reader" but I think your entry is fabulous. There is also a lot to truth in it.
IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)TWG (This Was Great) : )
R (Really)
I feel like I'm going to get my COMMENT critiqued! ;)
I truly enjoyed this - and can I EVER relate! (Kenn really is a nice guy, yanno! ;) ) Maybe that's why I liked it so much. It could also be because you did a wonderful job of writing it. My alltime FAVORITE line: "Im losing to accounting majors, and grandmas that took up writing when they turned 70."
I think you will get a LOT of feedback on this one!
imho - This one places 39 easy!
Good job.
Oh, and btw...I'm rotfolol.
Well I'm not a grandma and I didn't enter any writing for years because grammar police told me I'd never make a difference because I had lousy English teachers---so this was fun. Whether it makes it on a church bulletin, a ribbon on FW, or on a magazine, you have made us smile. Excellent.
You sound a lot like me...puzzling where to put the commas, or not. This was both interesting to read and your style was fairly-down to earth. I think you did a good job. ^_^ (and don't ever judge your writing here by the I considered to be my best piece ever, only got 3 comments-yet dozen of people could relate to it.)HW (happy writing!) ^_^
Well, I'm one of those 70 year old grandma's and you are right, I loved this (LOL). You really scratched my funny-bone. You took a mutual frustration and turned it into a marvelously (oops, there's one of those taboo words), funny story. Thanks for putting things into perspective. I hope this finishes high on the list.
"Grandma" here loves your entry. As writers, we use the "ink" of our hearts to write our words and yearn for recognition in the "orange boxes." This was delightful!
H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! And I'm not being patronizing. Well said. I'm sure many of us feel the same way. Keep writing.
Okay, okay! I won't say that this is nice, that I liked your opening sentence, or that your ending was weak. I can't guarantee you a spot in the top forty (I can't even do that for myself!) but hey, relax, getting there is probably like getting pregnant - don't work so hard at it, and it will probably happen. In the meanwhile, be assured that you're a good writer commas, or their lack, notwithstanding!
Maybe you should write more humor. I know you can't this quarter, but...Yes, you can! A humorous mystery would have been good. A humorous romance could still be submitted. You've already done a humorous humor challenge. Keep up the good work.
I'm afraid to say anything ROFL, but I'll kick myself if I don't. Great job :)
As for the content of this is Right On!! Only very few write comments, and of those few, very few "tell it like it is"...they do not appreciate harsh Simon Cowell type critiques. I've learned the hard way. Most want comments but don't reciprocate. There are SOME I've NEVER seen write a Comment...and yet if you bring it up - your name is "Mud"; well, let me just say that your entry was my cup of tea! But it won't change anything, believe me! I've tried and failed. Great job of being Honest, straight forward and truthful. Kudos!
Your humor is right-on. I don't know what the percentage of feedback will be this week, but I'm guessing it will improve on your entry, anyway!
Thanks for your comment on my submission. I expect to see yours in the top 40 at least. It is just too tongue-in-cheek funny not to be! At least imho!
So that's how you do it?! I was wondering. I may try this on my next challenge entry.

Let's see... how can I use humor and and an ow-ee when writing in the historical genre? ... take some thought.

Hope you guessed I'm just an SOG (silly old grandma). I really liked your article and it did make me l (I rarely lol but if I did this one surely would have made me. Do that.

I think the ticket with humor is making us smile at ourselves. I certainly did that identifying your comment about checking and re-checking articles to see how many times they are read as compared to comments left. My most memorable comment received was, "Awww.. how sweet."
I enjoyed this. :) (And please know that some ppl can be understated and say "nice" or even "cute" sometimes for an article that is pleasing.)
Ed, I don't know if you realize this or not, but I highlighted this article in the very first "FaithWriters' Heartbeat" article here:

By the way, I did chuckle when I read this: "Its good we dont list the order of finish beyond 40. That way I can tell myself, I finished 41st as opposed to having to suck up a 169th place finish."

And that, dear friend, is EXACTLY why I don't give the whole list. ;-)

Anyway, thanks for giving me another smile. I enjoyed reading this the first time, and enjoyed it just as much the second time around.

Love, Deb (Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine and Challenge Coordinator)

Humor was one of those weeks I was way out of town, so I didn't get to read this. I love this! As much as I cringe when I get a 'cute' comment, at least it's a comment!!!! I'd say we could ALL relate to this one!! Good one! :-)
Hey,dear friend...
I'm a little slow with reading the Faithwriters' articles these days. This is so much your have a gift for writing humor ya know. It is hard for our generation to get rid of those adverbs. If I remember anything from going to the Montrose conference...that's it. Well, except for their good bread at mealtimes! Anyhoo...this is way better than "cute."
Ed, you commented on my piece about PMS and MENTAL pause this week, so I was perusing your writings for fun and LOVED your humor, especially in this piece. There is something about the feedbacks we all enjoy, and I get it. I always wonder when 68 people have read something and only a few commented, what others are thinking. I guess we all do. Humor is good. People, all of us, need to laugh more. I love it that you laugh at yourself... that isa great trick, tool, hook, gift, and beats offending others. I look forward to hearing more from your writings. Good job! Dianne Janak