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You brought to life some really interesting and funny prospects of a 90 year old pregnancy. The gravy was a great example. The last like, ended it on just the right note. Well done.
This was such a creative take on the story of Sarah and Abraham. I loved every bit of it!
Nice. I like it.
Great take! Loved the ending! LOL
I like your take on sarah and examining it from today! Nice work!!
Very funny. I can relate to your names a litte. I was a Green before I married a Horne. Now, after 52 years, I'm still a GreenHorne. I get a lot of teasing too. Lots of humor in this piece. Thanks for sharing.
This is so cute! I also really like the title.
LOL nothing else to be said!
I really enjoyed this and got some good chuckles from it! :D This was a very creative humor entry with good writing!
Never quite thought of it from this POV of view. Very creative (and certainly a challenge) to see from this side of things. Your timing was pretty good and the last line was hilarious. Good writing!
This was a delightful, light hearted read. Yup, I really enjoyed it. Very creative insight. Thanks for taking the time to plumb the depths of this character and present her so beautifully. Last line was a clincher. yeggy
This one gets my personal "blue ribbon." I adore seniors, and love reading about them. I laughed out loud more than once. Very big thumbs up!
This was wonderfully creative and funny! And I loved your last line; it ended on the perfect note. I'm signing off with a smile on my face... Blessings, Cheri