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These definitely gave me a chuckle - and I love your last paragraph! Thank you for being willing to share your "moments" with the world.
I'm sitting here smiling with memories of my own that make me wonder if we shouldn't put our heads together and write a book about "Life With Mom"! Your transparency is delightful -- almost as much as the word pictures you painted for us all. At least painting word pictures is safer than painting walls -- you don't have to worry about a bucket of paint falling on your head! LOL
How endearing this is! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been called Lucy! I enjoyed the lighthearted and fun look into your little fiascos! Don't worry. I'm a laughing stock for my husband too. :) Blessings, Jo
With so much conflict and negatives in marriages these days, what a breath of fresh air this is to read. Sweet, funny, and the Lucy touch was perfect!
Nothing beats a great laugh. I'm just certain you planned to catch that paint can with your head. Of course you had to take advantage of such an opportunity to make the hubby and kiddies laugh!

I am still smiling over all the chuckles you put to paper. Even if you were trying to be a practical joker, it wouldn't come out so funny. Thanks for adding your humor to my day, and for a sweet picture of the author.
I loved your "not funny then, but funny now" moments. Your piece makes me laugh with you and reminds me of so many "love-to-forget" moments of my own!
Laughing at ourselves is not always easy. You had a humorous piece here and laughed at yourself to boot. Good job.
A lighthearted insight into those 'ground swallow me up now' episodes. An easy to read tone. Very visual. Yeggy
Delightful read . . . and so true to life that we can all relate to. Bravo!
Yes, definitely. "Funny now, not so funny then." I have never known a person who actually had a can of paint drop directly on their head. (Laughing with you, but can't imagine the mess!)

A couple of misspellings: In the second paragraph "took on a life of there own" should be "their own." Toward the end "that quiet laugh people can do when their not quite sure" should be "they're." A few punctuation things.

But this was a good narration from someone who supposedly "did not get my fair share" of humor in life. Thanks for sharing.
We all love Lucy and can relate to her from time to time (ie my dishwaser incident in my entry this week lol). Just look at them as more inspiration for great writing!
The ability to laugh at ourself is so important. Great story.
Rita, this was pure entertainment. I loved the voice and style, and much appreciative of the smiles and laughs it brought me. God bless.