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Chills! Great job for first person and I didn't have a clue about this one! VERY GOOD!
Wow. Great concept and excellent writing. I had no idea until the final paragraphs. This one is going far and deservedly so.
Oh wow, you totally got me! I even knew this story had a surprise ending and I still didn't have a clue what it would be. Great, great job!
Excellent twist! This is very well done.
Yikes! What a surprise twist! (And I love stories that do that.) Very nice use of the topic - who woulda thunk it?
"Dead" man walking, indeed.
Excellent mystery all the way through. I loved the title, the suspense, and the ending. Great work!!
Great writing here. I loved this mystery.
Interesting account of what may have happend after the death of Christ.
I really liked this, Shari! About midway I started suspecting where you were going, but I still enjoyed it through and through. I especially liked the part about Joel. . .you almost had me thinking that perhaps this wasn't about the Resurrection. The name Joel sounded, well, a bit too biblical, but didn't ruin the story at all.

Great job! You got the mystery genre down pat.
What I love about this is that you played absolutely fair to the readers--misleading them on the one hand, but when the ending is revealed, we go back and nod "yep." That's one of the crucial elements of a good mystery, and you nailed it perhaps better than anyone this week. Glad I found this one!
This is GOOD! I love the first person view and the descriptions, it's very 'you are there' atmosphere. Great writing!
Excellent! I caught on a bit earlier than some, but this is EXTREMELY effective writing. A wonderfully done mystery.
Master Writing!! Creative and a great read.
Great story. Very creative. Well crafted. The word 'parchment' gave it away for me. But still I did enjoy it. yeggy
I agre, with the comments above - this was great - good writing and a suspense-filled story to boot. And a powerful message.
You had me for the first half, and then the Light began to dawn. Wonderful job! Impressive. Blessings, Cheri
I didn't see that end coming, but it packed a powerful wallop. I especially like the message found in your last line.
I didn't see this coming AT ALL. It's well crafted and kept me guessing till the end. Thank you for sharing this well done piece.
Wowza - awesome construction of a story we all should know, but kept me guessing all the way through. You did a masterful job weaving this story together! Bravo!
Oh My Gosh, what a great read. I had no clue till it was almost to the end. I look forward to the day when my writing reaches this level!
Congrats on highly commended!
WOW, good story! That twist at the ending completely threw me - I hadn't seen it coming! Great mystery. :) Congrats on being highly commended.
Congratulations! I was hoping someone would submit a well-written piece written from this angle, and you definitely delivered!