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Hee hee. Sounds like the solution to many a mystery in my own house! Good job with the characters - I thought the dialog brought out all of their personalities.
Ha! This is a funny one! I really liked how you made it so serious, though.

My sister is always begging to use my lipstick. She's only 8 years old! *sigh* They grow up so fast.
I love it. With four daughters, I can sooo relate. Your story was so realistic, I felt like I wanted to help you find your lipstick! Thanks for a very enjoyable kind of mystery!
From the title, the children's names to lipstick names and the overall mystery, this was great. I really enjoyed this. The mystery at my house would be called, where are my keys???
Oh I love it. And it shows me what I have to look forward too. Maybe I should start investing in my favorite shades now so I'm sure to have several when my girlies get older.

I especially loved the name of the lipstick color.
In my house, it was the dog who ate the lipstick (and got it all over the carpet!). Great story, well-written.
Funny! Funny! Fun to read!
Hehe, too funny! I've stuck things somewhere and then wondered who took them, too.
This would make a good "embarrassing monents" article. Well done.
Great title, charming self-deprecating humor. I really like this one.
A delightful piece in which all of the elements (names, place, characters, pacing) work together together to make an enjoyable read. yeggy
Lighthearted and nice! I enjoyed reading it. All too familiar scene at my own house. LOL! My poor family members! Nice writing!
I love the dialouge and interaction in this piece. Winter sounds like someone I know! ^_^ Great mystery.
I love the tone of this story - and all the detail. Excellent! A great read.
Fun story! I misplace things in my purse, too. I also enjoyed the lipstick shade names.
I loved this. Sounds exactly like something that would happen at my house.
Have you been in my house lately? Except in my case, it's that special shade of blue eyeshadow! Good job. Blessings, Cheri
I truly enjoyed reading this, but I especially liked that you have finally given me an insight as to why my wife is always late when we're going out! Fun read - thanks!
I'm still grinning. This was fun, and boy, did it home. Good work.
Cute :)
This was a great and very realistic mystery story! I had a lot of fun reading it and, as did others, enjoyed the characterizations, dialogue (that sassy-mouthed Winter!! :) ), and ending!
Great characterization. My son would relate to the "first accused" syndrome. Naming the lipsticks added importance to them in the view of the MC.
I popped in to say "thank you" for your comment on my story by returning the favor. I read this cute story of yours, earlier, but so many had already commented I moved on "speechless!" +;+

You said you would be interested in a series of stories linked to my mystery entry. One that has a connection is The Original Manuscript - for the writing topic. Thanks again, Friend!
My daughter and I enjoyed this story. Clever. Your ending caught us by surprise. Bravo.