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Absolutely beautiful and lyrical--I'd love to see this as a voice-over narration for a Power Point presentation for a devotional. It's not really in the mystery genre, but it's very lovely nevertheless.
A good thought, and well-put.
I'm teary eyed and speechless! This is absolutely beautiful, What more can I say? This entry is MORE THAN ENOUGH to bless my day, brighten my skies and warm my heart and soul...and I owe all my "thanks" to this unknown author who tells it Like It Is! Thanks and God Bless!
PS: And if this isn't in the Mystery genre...I'll eat my hat! I don't know what else you could call a person that searches their mind for the answer to the mystery of how to fill a basket with love!? Go figure....

I'll have to go look up the definition of mystery one more time, eh?
I liked this so much. It gave me pause to think how I fit into God's plan. Sometimes, it's a "mystery" how and why He loves me. :)
You expressed the thoughts of many, I believe. Very well done. As for the mystery genre, I think a lot of us missed on a "whodunnit" type story.

Regardless, I enjoyed this piece very much. Thanks.
Gave me goosebumps while reading this. There is something within these words that I think many of us need to know and hear. Thanks for sharing such beautiful writing (and pretty good mystery to boot!) ^_^
Beautiful devotional! Thank you!
Truly enjoyed this insightful look into the mystery of God's grace that surrounds us.
It's like you've read my journals over the past year. This is so touching, amazing.
This is such a beautiful piece of writing. And there is no greater mystery on Earth than His love for us. Amazing. Wonderful job! Blessings, Cheri
This is almost lyrical. I just love it. Beautiful.
Very, very nice devotional. The descriptions in the first paragraph, especially, are beautiful. You did yourself proud with this one.
Especially comforting to those of that weren't loved by as many people as you were; parents died when they were young, foster homes, abandoned, abused, bad marriages, miscarriages, children died, etc. It doesn't matter how few people love us - God's love is more than enough. Powerful assurance and hope!
A very original and enjoyable mystery. Where else should we look for the answers to any mystery? Just lovely! Thanks so much for sharing this.
Thank you so very much for this entry. I don't know if it fits the genre or not (I'm far from an expert on that) but I really needed the reminder of the message right now.

My favorite line was "I traveled in dusty corridors of memory to my childhood home.." I love that imagery.
You definitely have a way with words. This was beautiful.