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Oooh! I love Jenna! She did have Moxie-and she was so realistic I felt like I'd met her somewhere before without knowing it. I liked that the mystery wasn't quite 'solved' too. Very fun to read! ^_^
Loved your title! :) This was a very good story with great dialogue and interaction between the man giving the test and Jenna. Nice job!
Enjoyed the story. :)
I enjoyed this.
I really enjoyed this mystery and the way you solved it. The last sentence was just perfect.
I would definitely classify this as an unsolved mystery. Loved the Title and the whole Interesting plot, and kept my interest throughout. Nice job
Poor thing! You did a great job of developing Jenna's character.
Great title, great story and great writing!
This was a well-rounded story showing how time and patience can un-tie some mysteries and those that aren't maybe had no need to be in the first place. Enoyed your story.
Very nice. The opening dialog in the first person kind of threw me off at first, because the MC was in the first person also. But I think that was just a glitch in my own brain ;o).

What a big thing for a young person to come up against. Glad the truth came to light, at least about Jenna. As you said, we'll never know about the boss.

Good work. Many blessings, Cheri
Great title!

I liked the setting and your MC. He sounded like a nice, fatherly type.

What a nice ironic twist, that Jenna's former boss would be her underling years later. I didn't mind so much that this mystery was unresolved, just like so many cases in real life.

Good job!
Love both of the characters - you did a wonderful job of making them real to us. I was definitely interested throughout in how this would end up. Good stuff.
I like the believable conversation between Jenna and the officer.
Your story flows smoothly, and was enjoyable to read. Well done.
I can't beleive I never read this until now! I saw the title a bunch of times and thought "What a great title!"
Just never got around to reading it. Sooo gald I did! It's a great story and I like the tone of the narrator. Reminded me of a detective book. Iliked the way the end was 17 years later. That was an interesting touch.Good job!
Loved the voice of the MC. Great story. I like how we think we know the answer, but it is never really solved. Also the poetic justice of Jenna supervising her former boss.
Great job. I loved that she got to supervise her former boss later on.
This is great!
I agree with all the previous commenters. I love the voice of your MC.
The whole story is very creative and well written.
Good job.
An unsolved mystery. Very true to life, I'm sure.