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Heartfelt is the word that comes to mind when I read this. You did a great job of showing the bond of friendship between two completely opposite characters. I absolutely loved the twist-the ending was great with Breanna's last famous line. "We have to do what we have to do..." Wonderful writing! ^_^
The ending made me smile.
Wow! Fantastic writing. You'll be in Masters in no time with entires like this.
Enjoyed walking through this friendship. I'm glad you found your way to God. Hopefully Breanna will too. I liked her. Good job.
This is a great friendship story. I like how you weaved music through it. Your ending is delightful.
I enjoyed this well written story about how these two very different girls came together as friends. Your descriptions of the two were very vivid, and the line about your moms limited repertoire of haircuts was also really cute. I especially liked how you brought this piece together at the end. Very well done.
I loved this! I can't believe how much you packed into 750 words. I feel like I lived an entire lifetime with these two. Just WONDERFUL.
I felt like I was reliving my junior high and high school days with the music you mentioned! Your details are strong and the writing is very well done; I just hope this story ultimately has a happy ending...
Loved your title and how it connected with your story to the very end! I enjoyed watching the maturing of friendship here and was saddened by its near loss. The ending was great, though, and held out hope! :) Good writing!
Very good. I enjoyed everything from the title through the ending.
A wonderful story of a wonderful friendship. I enjoyed this, and you made me feel like I got to know both girls. Thanks for sharing this
What an endearing and so skillfully written story! I still have the flavor of nostalgia in my heart after reading this. I and so many friends over the years have been divided by time and miles. I need to make some phone calls! ;) Wonderful story!
I loved the progression from kindergarten to graduating from college and marriage. The references to pop culture made the memories more vivid. Great writing.
Your physical descriptions of each character were unveiled at an even tempo. I loved how the characters pursued their interests and intersected at the Track Meet sharing one another's interests again. The laconic dialog between the girls is rich in divulgement. Reflecting in my past, these lines I could identify: ...'thanks to my mom's limited haircut repertoire. I was frozen, unable to even warble...' Thank you for sharing your gift of masterful writing.
This is such a great story. I don't know how you covered so many years in the word limit! Your characters are delightfully winsome, and the ending, though it caught me as a bit "abrupt" (my reading was on such a roll, I was ready to keep reading another 750 words of the girls' story) was a perfect wrap.
I want to say "thank you!" for taking time to comment on my music story, too. I do appreciate it!
Julie, I know this is a little late, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your entry. It was very smooth. I like your style. Keep up the good work. You are a true blessing. God bless.
I want to know the "rest of the story" to this wonderful piece. Thank you for sharing your testamony. Go for it, you'll be great!

God bless and keep writing.
The only thing have to say is when is the sequel coming out hon? This is amazing. I sure can relate to this with childhood friendships of mine that are still maintained but coould definately use more time and prayer. I think I'm going to call such a friend this weekend, it has been a little too long since we had a chance to chat and catch up on life. Great job with dialogue, description and just everything.:0) This just flowed like a fresh water stream ready to drink in. SLURRRRP. This tasted so good. Keep it flowing hon. God bless your writing.:0) Janice