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Wow! I loved the format and you did a great job on the progression of her talent as she grew. I LOVED the voice of this story!
I thought the progression with her was simply amazing. You captured the process so well. Great work!
A wonderful story to show how the love of music first begins and can blossom if nurtured. Great story.
Cute, progressive and upbeat...finishing with an enjoyable downbeat. Nice Job!
Wonderful story of growing up with a desire and finally achieving it.
Very nicely done! I enjoyed watching her musical growth and the attainment of a dream!
What a wonderful way to make a permanent record of your special memories! You did it so well that I really enjoyed them with you!
You surprised me here-I thought she was still playing the French Horn. A very nice twist to have her being the director. Very nice, I liked the timeline, and her parents support of her love of music. Excellent job! ^_^
I enjoyed the little glimpses into her music life and how each led to her final big moment.
That was so beautiful. Getting to fulfill dreams is amazing!!!
I really liked how you showed her progression through life. Good job!
I could picture all of this. I remember the Looney Tunes cartoons that featured classical music. I also remember having one or two 'accidental solos' and still do if I'm not watching our worship leader.

A nice look at a musician's life.
I love the progression of this - watching the dream, slowly but surely, come true. Wonderful.
I loved this journey through her musical life. I saw it all with your wonderful words. Thanks for sharing this!
This brought back great memories of band. The growth of the little girl was very creative. Nice job.
This reminded me of my own daughter's days in band. The flow was smooth, and the ending was perfect. Nicely done.
I love the father-daughter realtionship portrayed here, as well as the progression through stages of life and music. This made me smile!
I can relate to the accidental solo. Great writing.