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Heh heh, I can so identify! In my case I'm as thin as a twelve-year-old and have *nothing* "in the stratigic place", yet I'm 5'6". Meaning pants are either so big around I could fit five of me in them, or they only come up to my knees. Shirts at least I can usually buy in the kids section as long as they aren't very fitted.
Oh, this was enjoyable! Oh, if I only had the same problem! I'd jump for joy if I could by a size 1 jeans. Guess we all want something different. I loved the conversational tone and the humor. The ending was a pleasure to read. Well written piece.
I always enjoy reading about others' plights. This is one I have never encountered, even through friends. It must be frustrating. Good job of relating this story. And I loved the ending.
I love this, I can so relate, and thanks for speaking out on behalf of all of us little people in the world. :) If I have to hear one more person say how easy it is to shop for small sizes, I won't be held responsible for my actions! lol
A cute story and a "fitting" title. I enjoyed the humor. Let me check with my mathematician friends.... Yes. I'm pretty sure that rounds to "small to the third power." "Small cubed," if you'd like. I chuckled at this line too: It's quite depressing to see shoes with cartoon characters on them in my size. I feel for ya. Have you tried internet or catalog shopping? :-)
This is so cute--what a great tone you've used! Lots and lots of grinny bits here.

Be careful of it's self / itself.

Your tone was conversational and relatable, just as if we were sitting together and having a chat. Very nice.
I like this. You did a good job. I especially like how you wrapped it up ... being made in God's image.
Cute! Reminded me of Erma Bombeck's style. Very entertaining. Great job!
Really liked this story. I think we can all identify... I'm a nice "hour glass" shape and even then can't find clothes to fit. Find a friend who sews. :) I loved how you tied it up at the end with being made in God's image - He created us all just the shape we are (no matter what the stores say about one size fits all!). :)
Perfect title - and I love the conversational tone. Great close too!
Aww, this is great! I've always wondered what it's like to shop from down there when in reality you're grown up(21+) and having to deal with people who think you're 10. Great title for this and I love the descriptions, especially the piece with shoe shopping. Excellent writing! ^_^
Very nicely done! I enjoyed the lesson you used to wrap up your story. Blessings, Jo
I like the casual tone of your writing here. Very amusing and an entertaining read. The ending and the scripture is perfect!
This was a fun romp through the kids' department! You made us feel for the character without patronizing her. I can relate with my voice, I still have people ask if my mom is home when people call and I'm in my late 30's!