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Hehe I absolutely love the last line. This was a great story. I'd like to see a sequel about her teaching the women to sew. Great job.
I loved this. This would have made a great episode of Little House on the Prairie. Yes that last line was the best. Great job!
Great description and detail, and such a lovely story overall. I also loved that last line.
This waa really well written!
the story was creative and I believed it!.Your descriptions were apt. I loved it.
Loved the twist in the end. It completely surprised me. Good job.
The description in the story was excellent. It was well plotted with a very satisfying ending and a good lesson presented.
Very nicely done . . . I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the lesson learned, and the ending. Great job!
A very nice story and I could easily imagine her. Thanks for sharing it
This was a great read. You made the time and place come to life. I have to admit, I liked the idea of the ladies sneaking in through the back door. ;0)
Great story. I could picture the shop and the characters. I think there is more you could write about this lady.
I enjoyed this the first time I read it, and I enjoyed it just as much this time. Loved the time period, and I could clearly see the setting. Well done.
For whatever reason, this was one of my favorite lines, "Annabeth shook the wrinkles out of the burgundy damask and admired the tiny stitches again." Maybe because it speaks to the depth of Annabeth's character and how she was able to take the gentle "chastisement" in that she understood how it is that sometimes the little things responsbile for the most damage or good. And, it looks as if their will be rewards for her having this gift in her character. I also really liked the time/place setting - all so very real.
There is something so comforting and down to earth about this story. You see real flaws and real redemption. As I was reading this, I felt like I was on a porch swing with a really good book. Southern comfort, perhaps? Well done, Cat. I really, really enjoyed this story.
You certainly carried me all the way till the end. I wondered how it was going to end and what a perfect solution! Great one Cat!
This is a great story! You've shown us the era without telling us. Showed us conscience, and gentle rebuking. What a marvelous way to resolve the issue! Now just to get her saved! LOL! A very enjoyable read!