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This was very interesting to learn about. It was also inspiring. The little proverbs in the middle were really thought-provoking. Well done.
This was good. I've always been interested in people who face challenges like these every day. I think I would have focused on one or two athletes in depth, rather than trying to give us a small glimpse of many athletes.
Great, inspiring stories. Thank you.
Always glad to hear of people who work in the Special Olympics. I admire them very much although I have never been privileged to work with them.
A very strong beginning to this piece and an interesting take on the topic. I enjoyed the various examples you gave of the different athletes. I loved this line: "Greatness is an athlete who sees one of his opponents trip and fall - and runs back to help the opponent get up and cross the finish line." I couldnt agree more. Nice job!
Definitely very inspiring stories! Thank you so much for sharing them.
I like the repetition of the "Greatness is..." paragraphs. Very effective. I have a brother who has been a Special Olympian, and I really appreciate this piece.
Thank you for this take on the topic. Nothing brings perspective to sports like the Special Olympics. I agree with the others on the effectiveness of the "Greatness is..." statements. Awesome article.
It takes a special gift to work with such special people. I could hear your heart throughout your introduction of the athletes. Nice job.
I really loved this piece. You had my attention immediately. These athletes, every one of them, are overcomers. I couldn't help but think about how the meek will inherit the the last shall be first, and how God speaks through our weakness. I know that God applauds the sentiments in this piece. This was very well written. I only saw one flaw in it...several times. It's an easy one to correct, too, and one of the most common grammatical mistakes made: punctuation marks go inside of quotation marks, not outside. Easy to fix, huh? Your story is DYNAMITE! Well written, unique, with a great takeaway!
I loved reading this, both times! A special piece for special people!
This is a beautiful tribute to the wonderful, true 'athletes' out there who do what they do with the right spirit and attitude and make a difference even if it's just inside themselves or someone around them. I love the title and the many different 'characters'. Thoroughly inspiring + Awesome writing! ^_^
Thank you Donna for pointing out what Special athletes we have. One other item I would add to your list of what makes a great athlete - one who brings tears to your eyes! God bless - obviously not written for your own personal goal!