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I, too, have heard this story before. I don't know who first came up with the concept, but it sure is a good one! I sometimes feel like I'm tripping over the knots. I wonder what good can possibly come out of this haphazard life that sometimes seem to have events come and go, so out of control. Thanks for the reminder that our Father is making a masterpiece out of our lives. Very encouraging.
This is a great message. How it will all make sense.
Great story, I could almost see the embroidery myself. Great reminder of our life is for us.
I've also heard this before - and you convey it beautifully here. I especially love your second-to-last paragraph.
Beautiful thought. Good writing.
Oooh, interesting, I took a similar approach, but I like yours ever so much better! Nice job!
I've often felt like a reversed needlepoint. And, just like your story so honestly shared, it was God who showed me myself in distinct clarity. This analogy is one that can make things more clear for anyone. I loved the reminder of when how we'll be when we get to heavean!! Terrific job! Jo
A good lesson, and well told in an engaging way. How true that we see - but dimly! Enjoyed the dialogue followed by commentary - a nice devotional.
The analogy in this piece is great. You did a good job of bringing the daughter to life as well. Well done.
Great message! Great writing! I love to embroider and wish I had the pattern mentioned in this piece! :)
You have some good descriptive words in this one, and I'd encourage you to find even more, e.g. I loved the "silk-etched sky" but you could change "chestnut curls", which many writers use, to russet curls. Nice piece.
This is one of my favorite analogies and you did a wonderful job with it!! Seeing it through the daughter's eyes was fun. I never thought of the needle before. Thanks for pointing that out!
This is one of my favorite analogies too - and you did a really good job of conveying this. I loved the child approach - very symbolic. ;)