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Good job. Sometimes I think that, as Christians, we aren't supposed to feel anything negative, but you've done a good job of showing us the humor in it. It's absolutely true that, though we fault the gift, we would never fault the gift giver. After a certain age, most people think of crafts as dust catchers, but there was a time in our lives where it was all we could afford...and it was enough..... Thanks for the little slice of truth. I'd like to present you with my award: a two year old fruitcake..... Fresh and creative (you, not the fruitcake!)
LOL! I adore humor pieces, and this one was so much fun. Thank you for this.
I thought this was hysterical. The line about the chia pet and Michaelangelo, genius! Christians can be funny without being irreverent and you pulled it off. Excellent.
There are people, you know, who truly love fruitcake. My mother was one of them and she put a lot of love into the baking. But there are good ones and bad ones. I have one of the better recipes and you're welcome to it if you email me, lol.