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This is a touching story about how we need to be open and always have time for those little serendipities. Good title as well. Thanks for sharing your story!
I, too, loved the title! For me the message of your story was that we should look for oppportunities to pass on our craft to the next generation by teaching, encouraging, and helping them. I enjoyed the dialogue between the artist and the boy, and I was blessed by the realization that came to the woman as she helped him.
I loved this story. Very good writing. I really got into the conversation. One small thing: an artist's board is spelled palette. Pallet is a bed of straw or a small bed made on the floor.
I love the dialog here--both characters voices are exactly true to their age and gender, and the conversation is lively and entertaining reading.

A few issues: there are some POV switches, and I'd have liked a bit of setting. Where were they? Why was such a young boy by himself, and speaking to a stranger?

I really loved the resolution--just perfect.