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An intriguing story. Have never thought what it would have been like to be the actual carver of the cross--this story made me think and the character seemed real. Great character portrayal! He might come still more alive with some dialogue included.

Great title--it sparked my curiosity!
This was a very creative piece. I, too, never thought much about the person who fashioned that wood into Jesus's cross. I liked how you mentioned how in distain he was with all of the passersby. Those are exactly the type of people that Jesus reached out to.
Superb. Love it. This is a winner in my book.
Title says alot. I didn't know, of course, what the carpenter was making; at first I thought perhaps it was caskets - but then...yes, very touching. A unique piece of work here.
This story makes you think. That's what good writing is supposed to do. Good job.
Title pulled me in, the story held me. Written by the hand of an expert. Very well done, vivid and intriguing. Thanx.
Wow--your last five paragraphs, rich in irony--very powerful.
I felt like little hammers kept tapping ME as I read this...maybe the way you structured your sentences? Anyway, it was effective! Something not many of us really thing about - who made the cross.

Nicely done.
I wasn't sure where this was going, but the end packs quite a punch! Very well written.
I hadn't thought of the makers of the crosses as craftsmen, but I guess they were. Interesting and unique perspective as well.
Very nicely done.
What an exceptional take on the topic. This was haunting in its own way. Excellent, Sue!
Very interesting and creative story! A nice look at a usually overlooked person who had a hand in the most momentous event ever!
I'd never thought of this angle before, either. Very creative and well done. The first part of the story I thought he made coffins, but things made more sense as I realized his real craft.
I could see the people turning from the cross before it was even made. Very good!!!!
Definitely lends an eerie/morbid edge but I loved it! Terrific writing; I thoroughly enjoyed. Blessings, Jo
Unique, creative, well crafted, all the things you hate to read in your comments, but its so true. Interesting title, great lead. It was hovering above great all the way through. I hate to do this to you, but outstanding job. God bless.
I had a sneaking suscpicion what his craft was from the title -and I was right. Nicely done.