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This is awesome. From out of the mouth of babes, you know. The beach is my favorite vacation spot, and you took me there, easily. Very well done.
I really liked this - the pace of the story, the setting, the conversation, your writing, the point. Very restful and sweet :)
If this is from whom I think it is, ( and you know it is!)
it just goes to show you are master of all syles of writing! Great job, once again!
Wonderful characters, and I love the symbolism of the rock. I'm glad you didn't give us Maddy's back story, but just let her spirit reveal itself to us through her words and thoughts. Superb!
Excellent writing, super characters with superb dialogue. Your experimenting with fiction is a success, as always, Pat. You have always been veery talented, but this year it seems like your writing has developed even more. Very smooth, confident and polished. God bless.
This held my attention. Excellent dialogue & characterization...I loved the line...The gentle laps of frothy ripples were lullabies that could always calm her woes
Well, I'd venture to say you'll be writing more fiction from now on, girl! Very nice storyline, characterization and descriptive language. My favorite line:..."skowled a kaleidescope of gold and browns directed at her from under a tattered baseball cap." Blessings, Jo
Your story was so peaceful, calming, and thought-provoking. And your characters were so real. I wanted to follow the little boy home to meet his family.
What a great story with a wonderful message. I could picture it all the way through.
I like how your MC came to this spot for peace and quiet, and found the real question that would bring her that peace. Great job.
Great writing!! I loved how you put us right there with such unique descriptions - loved the way you described his face. Very good!
Very engaging... And isn't that how we are supposed to be fishers of men? Just dangle that bait and let them wrestle with it while He reels them in! Blessings, Cheri
Excellent work. I liked this story a lot. Great job.
Beautiful descriptions. I said it before, but I have to say it again...I love the beach. I could see every detail. Excellent!
Beautiful details in this piece. Looks like the start of a friendship. Hope you'll continue the story.
Any story about the ocean scores big with me. I liked the innocence in the little boy and the annoyance in Maddie. I'll bet she didn't get much peace at the beach after that conversation. Great story. Now I wish I was there.
Lovely descriptions and I could see/taste/feel the sea's easy to see your love for the ocean! I'm left wondering the question she want to ask of the boy, but your alluding to "our" rock seems to be a hint. And then of course is the great example the boy set for us all...simply ask, "are you going to heaven?" It can change a person's life forever. Just ask Maddie : ) Great job!
Great descriptions, darlin' - I was judging the week this was up, and it didn't take me long to "remember" the story - and that, I'm sure you know, is indicative of a strong story. Love this.
I had to dry the sea spray from my face after reading this one. Excellent descriptions. Excellent characters. Excellent writing.
You should do pure fiction more - you're very good! (no surprise there!) I love the characters, and the little pull to know more that this little boy instilled in your MC.
Nice characters! And the young shall lead them. You left us intrigued at the end, wondering how she got to that place in life, what she'd experienced, her trying to escape truth. You let the reader finish the story. your writing just flows. Very nice!