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Perfect title! I loved the voive of the POV - perfect. And your ending was top-notch. I really loved this story - especially the message.
The voice! The voice! Sorry. :)
This was a very unique story and a creative take on the topic. I loved the reading of scripture from Ezekiel. The title drew me in and was perfect for this piece, and the ending was excellent. Great job!
Great story - no 'perfect' sister, just all three very different and deserving.
This was one of those "sitting on the edge of the chair in anticipation for the next line"...type stories. Very creative, very good, and nifty title to go with it. Written well, and definitely a great entry! "Unique", I'd say.
Compassion made her look away--what a powerful statement, and how you captured this woman's entire soul with just those few words. Excellent.
Good writing. You could feel that the lawyer did not like his task, but still knew that it needed to be done. Thank God, he did it with compassion
Great title, and a very interesting story. You've created three distinct personalities in just a few words. Well done. Thanks for sharing this